Group Home Care

For many children and teens, the pain of family breakdown is too much. They have suffered tremendous grouphomeloss and act this loss out in many ways. For these youth, our group homes offer care, guidance and treatment. Our hope is that we can help children make progress so they can eventually rejoin their own families, or succeed with a foster care family. Each home has a different program design that is targeted to address the unique differences of age and gender and issues of the youngsters in each home.

  • Shelter Care

    Shelter Care

    Shelter offers short-term care for youth who are out of their homes due to a crisis, concern about the safety or stability of their home or who are awaiting a longer-term placement.

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  • Shelter/Long Term Group Homes

    Shelter/Long Term Group Homes

    Our dually-licensed homes combine the qualities of short-term shelter and longer-term group care in one program to offer immediate and extended care and services.

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  • Therapeutic Group Homes

    Therapeutic Group Homes

    Our therapeutic group care homes provide behavioral health care to emotionally-disturbed youth who cannot be served in their own homes or substitute families, but who are appropriate to receive such services in a community setting.

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  • Teens in Transition

    Teens in Transition

    The Tom Roy Youth Guidance Home is a long-term group home that serves young people aging out of foster care without an available permanent family, or a family needing help with their child emancipating.

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