Therapeutic Group Homes

Our therapeutic group care homes provide behavioral health care to emotionally-disturbed youth who cannot be served in their own homes or substitute families, but who are appropriate to receive such services in a community setting. We operate three homes in residential neighborhoods throughout Missoula that serve different genders and have a capacity of six youngsters at a time.

Our Approach

  • Believe positive change is best built upon a relationship with an appropriate caregiver
  • Utilize treatment based upon best practices and research evidence
  • Apply techniques from social learning, insight and attachment theories to address the youth’s emotional disturbances
  • Be culturally competent and focus on cultural identity by developing individual identity goals in case plans
  • Locate homes in single-family neighborhoods so youth can attend local public schools
  • Ensure the safety of the youth and those around him or her as the first priority
  • Offer a stable, dependable and consistent structure
  • Have a Lead Clinical staff person who is a licensed mental health professional or in-training with supervision by a licensed mental health practitioner
  • Support a line staff who are caring, well trained and talented and work in a 1:3 staff-to-youth ratio with 24-hour awake supervision and support
  • Provide a Home Manager who manages the day-to-day functioning of the home to ensure a home-like environment
  • Provide a minimum of 150 minutes of therapy each week, including individual, family and group sessions
  • Access community services, such as public schools, health care, recreation, fitness and the arts for each youth

Ages Served

We are licensed to accept youth ages 12 through 17 and serve them until they can move back into a family or emancipate.

Criteria for Admission

We accept youth who:

  • Are diagnosed as seriously emotionally disturbed under Montana Medicaid Rules and receive a diagnosis, under the current Diagnostic & Statistically Manual (DSM), from a mental health professional.
  • Have a poor prognosis for success at a lower level of treatment.
  • Have funding available for their treatment
  • Are covered by health insurance

Placement must be made by an individual authorized to give us physical custody of the youth.

Contact for a Referral or further information:

Melissa Arno, LCSW
Director of Residential Care
(406) 541-1645

Callie JacobsonThe Susan Talbot Home for Girls  – Missoula, MT
Program Manager
(406) 543-8597

Andrew Arechaga – The Susan Talbot Boys Home – Missoula, MT
Program Manager
(406) 251-6836

Alec McNeill The Dennis Radtke Home for Boys – Missoula, MT 
Program Manager
(406) 251-8498