Our Services

  • Child and Family Counseling

    Child and Family Counseling

    We provide child and family outpatient counseling for children and young people, from toddler up to age 21, and their families.

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  • Foster Care & Adoption

    Foster Care & Adoption

    We create and maintain healthy family environments within which children who’ve been abused or neglected can find stability. Some placements are time limited and the child stays as a foster placement, while other may be adopted.

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  • Family Support Services

    Family Support Services

    We work with biological, adoptive and foster families to help them improve and strengthen family relationships. We believe that with coaching and guidance, parents can keep their child in their care at the family’s home.

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  • Group Home Care

    Group Home Care

    For many children and teens, the pain of family breakdown is too much. They have suffered tremendous loss and act this loss out in many ways. For these youth, our group homes offer care, guidance and treatment.

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