Make a Referral

Our Admissions Process

Please let us help you through the application process by filling out the following information completely. You can continue on and fill out the application by downloading the .pdf files or you can have us send you an application by mail.

  • Our children must be placed by individuals or agencies with the authority to place the child and the resources to pay for the placement.
  • Children must also have health care coverage (Medicaid or other health insurance)
  • Referrals of our children most often come from Western Montana but we are willing to look at placement from all other regions and communities within Montana.
  • Child Placing Agencies that access our services include Child Protective Services, Mental Health and Juvenile Parole, Tribal Social Services and Youth Court Probation.
  • We also accept private pay and parental/adoptive parent referrals.

Even if you do not fit within these categories but know of a child in need, please contact us and we can determine if we can help or direct you to someone who can.