Marcy, Age 12

Marcy is a sweet young girl who needs a forever home. She has a very sad trauma history, which has made her incredibly resilient. She struggles to communicate verbally and has been diagnosed with autism, but she is very smart and loves learning. She is driven and will keep trying at new tasks until she gets them down. Marcy is remorseful when she does something wrong. She is considerate and will try to console peers when they’re upset. She loves reading, slime, music, YouTube videos, and Charlie Brown Valentine’s Day.

Lilly, Age 13

Lilly has experienced neglect, homelessness, and exposure to domestic violence and drug use. Her parents’ rights are terminated and she needs to be adopted. She is quirky and can be deliberate in her processing, but has done a lot of work in therapy to prepare for a foster family. She is described as sweet and approachable, and she loves swimming and playing games with others.

Addison, Age 15

Addison doesn’t have any biological family members in her life and is ready to connect with her forever family. She struggles with self-esteem, despite the fact that she is smart, funny, kind, and resilient. She is also easy going, respectful, and caring. She does well with other kids. She loves animals, anime, music (Alec Benjamin in particular), candy, and swimming.

Emily, Age 15

Emily is an outgoing, caring, and vibrant young lady who is ready for a forever family. She was exposed to drug use and alleged sexual abuse by her biological family, and is making amazing progress in therapy. She is currently in residential treatment and is ready to step down when a family is identified. Emily tries extremely hard to follow directions and stay out of trouble, she is willing to connect with individuals easily, and her interests include Harley Quinn and The Joker, the color purple, animals, swimming, the Twilight Series, ranch dressing, basketball, coloring, cooking, and Halloween.

Kristin, Age 15

Kristin is a bright and artsy 15 year old who is ready for a foster family as a step down from her residential care placement. Her biological family is still involved in her life although it is uncertain if they will be able to reunify with her in the future and she may need to be adopted. Kristin is incredibly kind and caring, she loves music, art (drawing/painting), poetry/quotes, long boarding, makeup, photography, and gardening. She hopes to be able to call her future parents “aunt and uncle” and says she would like a family that she can open up to and that also respects her privacy.

Isaac, Age 13

Isaac is an easy going young man ready for adoption as a step down from residential care. He was exposed to pornography and sexual behaviors in the past and would be most successful as the only child in a home. He is easy to engage with and doesn’t mind doing his chores. He enjoys school, and is going into 8th grade. Isaiah has made leaps and bounds in therapy and wants to make relationships with trusted adults. His may be slow to open up, but he is able and willing to trust adult care and control.

Garret, Age 13

Garret is a sweet and engaging kid who is ready for his forever home. He has completed his treatment in residential care, and has made extensive progress in therapy. Garret has been exposed to drug use and drug dealing in the past, and has three siblings who he keeps in contact with. He is easy to get along with, has a good sense of humor, and builds connects with adults and peers easily.

Andrew, Age 12

Andrew is an active and curious boy ready for his forever home. Andrew has experienced neglect and physical abuse, and has been exposed to drug use. He still has contact with his brother, and has one additional brother. Andrew will do best with a family that is able to not place judgement on his behaviors, and be patient with his adaption to a new environment. Andrew has improved in his ability to trust adult care and control, and still needs support sharing his feelings. Adan loves the outdoors, and likes to participate in sports. He would like to stay active with a family.

Zack, Age 9

Zack is an imaginative and playful boy ready for his forever home. He has been a witness of drug use in the past and has had come a long way behaviorally and no longer uses physical aggression when angry. He connects well with peers, and makes an effort to be part of a group. Zack enjoys reading, playing air hockey, playing the magic card game, and enjoys building elaborate things with Legos.

Jasmine, Age 15

Jasmine is an independent young woman ready for a long term foster family and possible adoption in the future. She has been exposed to drug and alcohol abuse, and experienced a loss in her family at a young age. She is working hard in her therapy and chemical dependency treatment, and would like to be with a family that is patient with her and respects her privacy and boundaries, and would love a family with pets. She likes to journal, listen to music, and go hiking.

 Nicole, Age 8

Nicole is a creative and girly young lady ready for her forever home with a family. She has been a witness of drug use in the past and has experienced sexual abuse. Based on her past behaviors Nicole would be most successful in a home with older children or ad an only child. She has come a long way in her behaviors and progress, and enjoys making jewelry, playing with dolls, and doing arts and crafts.

This is our current waiting list of children as of August 2019

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