Gina – Age 15:

Gina is currently discharging from a therapeutic group home and needs a foster/adoptive family to provide a safe, stable, and loving home.  Gina has experienced a large number of placements in her young life and struggles with trusting adults to meet her needs and see her through the difficult times.  Gina loves animals and does well in school.

Jenny – Age 10:

Jenny is currently residing in a shelter care facility and hoping to be considered by a foster/adoptive family for a long term placement.  Jenny experienced significant neglect and abuse in her family as well as exposure to significant domestic violence.  Jenny struggles in navigating her emotions and accepting adult limits and needs a family who will be steadfast and committed to help her learn to accept adult care and limits.  Jenny would do well in a family with no other children, or perhaps older children (teens).

Alyssa – Age 10:

Alyssa is in a temporary foster home and needs a family who can be a permanent, adoptive home.  Alyssa has a dog who is her best friend and an adoptive family would have to be willing to bring her dog into their home as well.  Alyssa has experienced extensive abuse and neglect and has learned maladaptive coping mechanisms in her attempt to cope and survive in an unhealthy family setting.  Thus, Alyssa will need a committed and loving family, willing to meet her where she’s at and help her learn her own self-value and that caregivers can be trusted.  Reports show Alyssa does well academically but struggles making friends in school.  Alyssa would do well in a family with no other children, or perhaps older children (teens).

Jared  – Age 10:

Jared is completing his stay at a residential treatment center and is ready to step-down to a therapeutic foster family as soon as one is identified.  Jared was removed from his family due to significant neglect.  His parents struggled with mental health, addiction, and criminogenic issues throughout Jared’s young life. Jared has had trouble allowing comfort from adults, though he has made progress in this area.  He has struggled at times with defiance and oppositionality but has made progress in reducing the frequency, intensity and duration of any temper tantrums or dysregulations that occur.  At present, Jared struggles with sadness and missing his family. Jared likes the outdoors and camping, playing chess and checkers, reading books, and spending one-on-one time with adults/caregivers.  Jared would do well in a family with no other children, or perhaps older children (teens).

Leah – Age 16:

Leah is currently at a therapeutic group home and ready to transition to a foster/adoptive family.  Leah has experienced abuse and neglect in her family home and struggles with depression and anxiety.  Leah tends to respond to stress by withdrawing, rather than acting outwards towards others.  She has a history of some school problems, however, she has done well in school since being placed outside of the home.  Leah is described as an intelligent and compassionate person who enjoys reading and art.  She enjoys board games and has a family dog with whom she’d very much like to continue contact/visits with if she is placed in a foster/adoptive home.  Leah would do best in a home with no other children.

Robert – Age 11:

Robert is currently in a temporary foster home and hoping to find a forever family, along with his 9 year old brother, Steve.  Both boys experienced abuse/neglect and need to be placed together to keep their relationship intact.  Each boy has his own strengths, challenges, and areas of interest and it is noted the two boys can, at times, appear quite different from one another in this regard.  Robert and Steve would do best in a home with no other children, so that each can get the much desired connection with an adult caregiver(s).

Carl  – Age 7:

Carl has experienced a number of foster care placements and failed re-unification attempts with his biological family since he was a baby.  His parents struggled with mental health and addiction issues and his foster placements were of a more temporary nature, in hopes of his biological family being reunited, eventually.  At this time, CFSD is looking for a “forever family” for Carl to provide him with a sense of permanency and belonging.  Carl has little trust for caregivers in caring for him, and keeping him in their home.  His experiences have taught him that parents are only temporarily in a child’s life “until you move again.”  Carl struggles with navigating his feelings of loss, sadness, and confusion.  Carl has a history of physical aggression towards caregivers and peers and thus would do best in a home with no other children, or with much older siblings (teens).  Carl is active, playful and endearing. He has excellent language skills and is incredibly resilient.

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