Current Waiting Children as of 7/2021

Naomi, age 15
Naomi is a resilient and introspective young lady. She has a one-year-old child, who she loves and is very much committed to raising. Despite her significant history of abuse and frequent disappointments from caregivers, she is not holding back, and wants to pursue a relationship with a family who will accept her for who she is. Naomi needs a family that will support and guide her while she is learning to be the best possible parent to her child. She would like help balancing her responsibilities of being a young mother with engaging in typical teenager experiences. Naomi is talented in her artwork and enjoys animals (especially horses and dogs). She is seeking a home that is willing to make the effort to connect with her, accept her, and show her that she and her toddler belong in their family.

Remi, age 15
Remi enjoys running, playing cards, and spending time with others. She is social, caring, and affection. Remi desires a family, sharing “I need a stable placement and caring and consistent adults in my life who will not abandon me.”

Marcy, age 14
Marcy is a sweet and caring young girl who needs a forever home. She has proven that she is incredibly resilient. Marcy’s adoptive family would need to be patient and understanding of her needs. Marcy is very driven and willing to try new things. She loves to read, watch videos, listen to music, and to play with slime.

Cameron, age 13
Cameron has extensive knowledge about Pokémon, when he is not trying to catch ‘em all, he likes to play basketball. Cameron is seeking a foster to adoptive home that will accept him and his sister, Hannah. Cameron needs assistance in interacting with his peers and expressing his emotions. Routine, structure, and warmth would create the perfect opportunities for Cameron to thrive.

Hannah, age 11
With Cameron by her side, Hannah is searching for a foster to adoptive home. She is ready for the next step in her life and wants to start growing in a new family. She likes to rollerblade and do arts and crafts. Hannah feels that her life would be enriched by having a dog; she is determined to find her forever fur companion.

Lennard, age 11
Lennard is an avid reader with a love of comic books. He has even founded a comic drawing club in his school. Lennard is seeking a forever family that will accept him for exactly who he is. He needs a parent that will be patient, understanding, and loving.

Danny, age 11
Danny is an energetic and cooperative young girl. She has an interest in crocheting, art, volleyball, soccer, and making collages. Danny has shared that she wants to be an EMT when she is older. Danny needs a family who is skilled in working with traumatized youth and can help her through her feelings, her past, and learn healthy coping skills. She desires a foster family who will offer her their unconditional love and support.

James, age 10
James is not used to having parents care for him and from this neglect, is behind on his basic skills. An adoptive home that is willing to assist him in learning his daily living activities would be a perfect fit. He loves learning about science, math, and reading. James also likes to play with LEGOS and Beyblades.

Holden, age 4
Holden loves to play trucks and play in the dirt. He is learning how to interact with others his age and how to accept limits. Holden has a sad and isolated history. He needs a family who will ensure all of his physical and emotional needs are cared for while providing him opportunities of growth and adventure. Holden’s foster care family will need to support Holden’s Native American Heritage and feel comfortable in pursing guardianship.

*Please note, we are able to place children with families within an hour of our office areas (Missoula, Helena, Kalispell, Polson.)

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