Ellie, age 6, and Mikey, age 8

Ellie and Mikey have experienced a lot of chaos in their young lives. They have been exposed to drug use, domestic violence, and other situations that young children should be kept safe from. Their parents’ rights are terminated and they need to be adopted by a forever family. Mikey loves sports, especially football and soccer. He is very polite and helpful. Ellie is very attached to her brother and wants to be with him all the time. She does well with rules and responds well to love. She is polite, loving, and meticulous.

Marcy, age 11

Marcy is a sweet young girl who needs a forever home. She has a very sad trauma history, which has made her incredibly resilient. She struggles to communicate verbally and has been diagnosed with autism, but she is very smart and loves learning. She is driven and will keep trying at new tasks until she gets them down. Marcy is remorseful when she does something wrong. She is considerate and will try to console peers when they’re upset. She loves reading, slime, music, YouTube videos, and Charlie Brown Valentine’s Day.

Lilly, age 12

Lilly has experienced neglect, homelessness, and exposure to domestic violence and drug use. Her parents’ rights are terminated and she needs to be adopted. She is quirky and can be deliberate in her processing, but has done a lot of work in therapy to prepare for a foster family. She is described as sweet and approachable, and she loves swimming and playing games with others.

Addison, age 15

Addison doesn’t have any biological family members in her life and is ready to connect with her forever family. She struggles with self-esteem, despite the fact that she is smart, funny, kind, and resilient. She is also easy going, respectful, and caring. She does well with other kids. She loves animals, anime, music (Alec Benjamin in particular), candy, and swimming..

Gabby, age 10

Gabby has been through a lot and is a resilient child. She needs to be adopted by a forever home that can provide the nurture and care that she needs. She would do well with a family who knows not to personalize her behaviors. Gabby enjoys gymnastics, crafts, music, and dancing. She is smart, athletic, funny, kind, caring, considerate, and helpful.

Emily, age 15

Emily is a very quiet, timid young lady who struggles with self-confidence. She has been through a lot and needs to be adopted by a forever family where she can blossom. She is having some difficulties with gender identification, and would require a family who is sensitive to and supportive of that. She is very caring and compassionate. She has a great sense of humor. She loves art and is a talented artist. She is fascinated by Japan and loves K-Pop.

Rosy, age 3

Rosy was removed from her home because of physical abuse and neglect. She is currently in a temporary placement, but needs a long term family where she can form relationships and thrive. It’s unknown if she will need to be adopted. Rosy is incredibly smart, verbal, and advanced for a 3 year old. She is creative and funny, and can be very sweet. She loves to shower and can wash her hair and body all by herself. She also loves to dance, color, play with babies, play with dolls, play kitchen, read books, and ride the city bus. She loves to sing and will ask for music to be turned on while she’s playing.

This is our current waiting list of children as of May 15, 2019 

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