Amy - Age 13:

Amy was exposed to domestic violence and parental abuse and neglect during early childhood. Amy is legally free for adoption.  Amy is in a therapeutic group home and is close to successfully completing her stay there. Amy continues to struggle with trusting adult caregivers and sometimes attempts to control her environment by becoming angry and/or emotionally pushing others away. When given time to reflect, Amy is often able to take responsibility for her choices and can apologize and accept feedback.  Amy needs the opportunity to gain trusting connections within a family setting.  Amy gets A’s, B’s and C’s in school and is capable of achieving success and building meaningful relationships with others.  She needs that “special someone” who is willing to invest in guiding her through her formative teenage years and giving her a family setting and a place to call home.

Jeremy - Age 11:

Jeremy is currently completing his treatment at a therapeutic group home.  Jeremy and his younger sister (whom we hope can be placed together) experienced parental neglect and abandonment throughout their younger childhood years.  Their parents struggled with domestic violence and addiction issues.  Jeremy struggles to trust adults will meet his needs and thus tends to resist adult care and structure.  Jeremy does respond well to positive reinforcement and praise; thus, it is important to “catch Jeremy being good.”  Jeremy struggles with anxiety issues.  Jeremy loves his family and worries about where he and his sister may end up.  He also worries about his parents and hopes they are doing okay.  Dan Fox Family Care Program hopes to find Jeremy and his little sister a permanent family where they have the opportunity to be children who are loved and cared for by caring adults.

DannyAge 15:

Danny is currently in a therapeutic group home and waiting to be matched with a family.  Danny has experienced significant parental neglect and domestic violence.  Danny has made significant progress in identifying and dealing with his feelings and emotions.  He has developed positive relationships with his teachers at school and is doing much academically as well.  Danny continues to express a strong desire to be a part of a family.  He is described as a boy who wants connection and relationships within a family.

MasonAge 12:

Mason was abused by his father and removed from the home at age 4.  The parents have relinquished their parental rights.  Mason currently resides at a therapeutic group home.  Group home staff state Mason has done well at the home.  They have not seen significant negative behaviors.  The staff describe him as a “smart and nice kid.”  Mason is in middle school and does well academically, earning A’s and B’s.  He enjoys school and is well-liked by his teachers.  Behaviorally, Mason has done well at school.  He would like to be a paleontologist, video game director, or game warden.

Carl - Age 7:

Carl is a 7 year old boy who is hoping to find a forever family who will love and care for him. Carl does very well with structure, clear limits, and clear routines. He enjoys hugs, responds to adults reading to him and one on one time with adults. If he cannot do a task himself, he will ask for help but he gets upset if not allowed to try on his own first. Although Carl is 7, he operates at a younger level in regards to identifying and sharing his feelings. Therapy continues to be helpful for Carl in addressing his emotional, physical, developmental and relationship needs. Carl will be a second grader this year and does well with the one-on-one attention he gets from a para educator in the classroom.

Eddie – Age 11:

Eddie’s parents’ rights have been terminated due to a hx. of abuse, neglect, and criminal and mental health issues.  Eddie is in the 5th Grade.  Reportedly, he is smart and is a strong student academically, with particular strengths in reading and writing. He struggles with following directions and responding to adult authority.  He is in regular education classes and does not require any special education services or supports.  Eddie has made significant progress in the therapeutic group home he resides in.  He has made progress in his ability to safely communicate his needs and expressing himself to others, building trusting relationships with adults/peers and working on a successful transition into a permanent home and family.  Eddie has difficulty identifying and expressing his emotions and has distrust in adult care and control.  Eddie needs a stable and loving family to help him navigate his path in finding his sense of identity and belonging in a family and community.

Nancy - Age 9:

Nancy’s family has a multi-generational history of abuse, neglect, substance abuse and addiction.  The State is looking for a “forever” family for Nancy.   Nancy’s strengths were identified as her “openness, and interest in connecting with adults.”  Nancy tends to be distant and avoidant with her feelings and struggles showing, giving, or receiving affection from her current caregivers.  Nancy does have a bond with another sibling, and the State is hopeful Nancy might be placed in a family who would also consider bringing her sibling into the home upon program completion at a therapeutic group home.

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