Jack – Age 6:

Jack is a six year old boy who has been in multiple placements because his caregivers have not been able to provide him the care that he needs. He has worked very hard to learn ways to cope with his feelings and express his anger appropriately. Jack is playful and active. He is ready for a family that will love him for who he is and stay with him forever. .

Riley – Age 4:

Riley is a sweet four year old boy who has been abandoned by his mother. He does well in preschool and is eager to follow rules. The adults in his life have been unable to find a family that is the right match for him. Riley is ready to attach to a family who is committed to showing him the love that he deserves.

Charlie – Age 5:

Charlie is five years old. His mom has struggled with addiction since he was born. She has been in and out of his life, and we are looking for someone who can be a consistent caregiver. Charlie is active and animated. He loves cars and playing with others. He would do best in a home without younger children so that he can receive the attention, comfort and care that he needs.

Olivia – Age 13:

Olivia is a thirteen year old who has gone through physical abuse and neglect. She is currently in a group home where she is working on expressing her feelings in a healthy way. She is friendly and caring, and is well liked by everyone who meets her. Olivia has had a lot of placements and inconsistency in her life. She is ready to find a family who can be committed to loving her and meeting her emotional needs.

Max – Age 7:

Max is seven years old. He has had an inconsistent childhood as his mother struggled with addiction and had a hard time keeping Max and his older siblings safe. She passed away in August, and he needs a safe home to grieve his loss. He is currently in a group home and is eager to build an attachment with a family who can care for him. He is learning to let adults be in charge and manage his anger safely. Max is sweet, caring and compassionate. He does well with other children but would do best in a home with either no children or only one child.

Mason – Age 10:

Mason is a ten year old boy who has experienced chaos and inconsistency throughout his life. He and his siblings have been moved around multiple times. His family has been homeless, and he has witnessed domestic violence. Mason is ready to find a family that can provide structure and care for him while his mother gets back on her feet. He is a sweet, quiet boy who can take a while to open up because having a safe person is an uncommon thing for him.

Violet – Age 9:

Violet is a nine year old girl who has had a chaotic, unpredictable life. She needs a stable family to care for her while her mother works to make her home safe. Violet is quiet but gets along well with other children. She is able to let adults be in charge and follows the rules. She loves pets (especially cats), swimming, coloring, board games, and gymnastics.

Sam – Age 7:

Sam is an active seven year old boy who has spent most of his years out of his mother’s care. He has been exposed to domestic violence, neglect and homelessness throughout his life. Despite this, Sam is a playful, endearing little boy. He loves riding bikes, pajama parties, singing, gardening, and doing chores. He needs a family to care for him while his mother prepares to have him return to her home.

Logan – Age 8:

Logan is an eight year old boy who had to be removed from his mother because of her mental health concerns. He has experienced inconsistency throughout his life. He has had to work extra hard to be successful at school and in his current placement. Logan sometimes gets anxious because of what he has been through, and needs a family who can understand his needs and give him the care he deserves. He does well with other children but would do best in a family where he was the youngest child.

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