Lucy and Max – Age 12 & 10:

Lucy and Max were initially removed from their birth parents because of abuse and neglect and were adopted. They were recently removed from their adoptive family because of very severe abuse and neglect. These children have been let down by all of the adults who were supposed to take care of them, and they need a family who can give them the safety and love that they need. Lucy enjoys writing and writes elaborate, imaginative stories. She is polite and helpful, and, once comfortable, talks openly and enthusiastically. She loves butterflies, jewelry, dolls, and drawing. Max is kind, respectful, and resilient. He loves to read and learn, especially about science and geology.

Charlie  – Age 10:

Charlie is completing his stay at a residential treatment center and is ready to step-down to a therapeutic foster family as soon as one is identified.  Charlie was removed from his family due to significant neglect.  His parents struggled with mental health, addiction, and criminogenic issues throughout Charlie’s young life.  He has had trouble allowing comfort from adults, though he has made progress in this area.  Charlie is very caring, compassionate, lovable, and likable. If he had a family that would show him care and love, he could be very successful. He likes parkour, outdoors, reading, building things, and Legos.

Logan and Noah – Age 7 & 8:

Noah and Logan have experienced abuse and neglect and are currently in a temporary foster home. It’s time for them to have stability and safety in a forever family so that they can just worry about being kids. Each boy has his own strengths, challenges, and areas of interest. They can, at times, appear quite different from one another, but they need to be placed together to keep their relationship intact. Noah and Logan would do best in a home with two parents and no other children so that each can get the much desired connection with their adult caregivers.

Lilly – Age 10:

Lilly has experienced neglect, homelessness, and exposure to domestic violence and drug use. Her parents’ rights are terminated and she needs to be adopted. She is quirky and can be deliberate in her processing, but has done a lot of work in therapy to prepare for a foster family. She is described as sweet and approachable, and she loves swimming and playing games with others.

This is our current waiting list of children as of November 6, 2018 

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