In-Home Support and Therapy

A family can expect a professional, qualified Family Support Worker from our program to meet with the family in their home an average of once a week to do parent coaching, help with communication, share key skills,  coordinate other services, and manage the family’s needs as required. The Support Workeryfside2 will organize meetings with your child’s team, which will include family and any other professionals involved in their care. The Support Worker will meet with the youth at least twice per month. The Support Worker is available to families 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in case of crisis.

Support Model

We offer parent training individually and in groups. We have certified Circle of Security facilitators who work with parents to help them understand their child’s needs. Circle of Security is an evidenced based parenting program that focuses on attachment.( We also offer monthly trainings in our Missoula office for parents.

We are able to provide Family Support Services for biological families, kinship placements, and foster and adoptive families.  For foster families receiving the service, your license status will not change.  Typically, we bill for Family Support Services through Healthy Montana Kids Plus (Medicaid) and Healthy Montana Kids (CHIPS), but we will also consider private contracts with families who have the means or need to purchase these services.

Admissions Criteria

We can provide Family Support Services to youth ages 2 to 18. Medicaid requires that the youth over six be diagnosed with a Severely Emotional Disturbed diagnosis (SED) to qualify. Outpatient counseling, targeted case management, or out of home placement should have been attempted before a client is referred for Family Support Services. We have qualified counselors who can provide outpatient counseling if a youth has not seen someone before.

Children and Youth

We work with youth who have special needs, who are severely emotionally disturbed (SED), or who have histories of abuse and/or neglect.  We may also work with youth who have been identified as needing services and support by a Youth Court Probation Officer.


All referrals are made to Kara Adams, our Services Coordinator – (541-1663 or Kara will help you complete the application process and present the application to the Youth Homes Admission’s Committee.  We review youth for services weekly.

Once a youth has been determined appropriate for Family Support Services, an intake meeting occurs between our staff and the parents or family of the child.  During this intake meeting, we become familiar with the parenting practices, areas the parents identify as strengths, and areas for possible improvement or growth. This process also provides the family with an opportunity to ask questions and come to a better understanding about what Family Support Services is and how it could best benefit their family.

Is Family Support Services Right For Your Family?

  • Would you like to see relationships in your family improve?
  • Is your family currently in crisis because of your child’s behavior?
  • Are you transitioning a youth from a group home to your home?
  • Is your child difficult to parent or have they been diagnosed SED?
  • Is your family open to support, coaching and guidance from members of a youth support team?
  • Is your family willing to abstain from drug and alcohol abuse and physical punishment while receiving support services?

What We Believe

  • Parents should be treated with dignity.
  • Safety is the highest priority.
  • It is best for children to be raised by their biological family whenever possible.
  • Families have the ability to change.
  • Confidentiality for all family members.
  • Diversity is always respected.
  • A crisis is an opportunity for change.

That All Children Need

  • A home.
  • A sense of belonging.
  • A safe environment.
  • Care and supervision.
  • Food, clothing, shelter, clean clothes, etc.
  • Medical care.
  • Appropriate relationships.
  • Respect, acceptance and support.
  • Schooling and development.
  • Limits, structure and discipline.
  • Values and social skills.

Download our Intake Packet

Home Support Intake Packet

For more information about our In-Home Support and Therapy contact:

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