Our Staff

  • Elmer C. “Skip” Rosenthal

    Elmer C. “Skip” Rosenthal

    Executive Director

    (406) 541-1646 // srosenthal@youthhomesmt.org

    Elmer C “Skip” Rosenthal is Executive Director of Youth Homes and has been in that role since January, 2019. Prior to coming to Youth Homes, Skip served as Chief Executive Officer of Okanogan Behavioral HealthCare in Omak Washington, Executive Director of Western Montana Addiction Services, Administrative Director of Ravalli County, and Executive Director of Maui Kokua Services in Maui, Hawaii. In all Skip has worked in the public or non-profit arena since 1988 and successfully lead Behavioral Health agencies for over 20 years. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Willamette University in 1983 and Master’s degree in Counseling from the University of Montana in 1994.

    Skip lives in Stevensville with his wife of 24 years and his 10-year old son, Max. In his spare time he enjoys coaching wrestling and doing whatever Max wants to do.

  • Dann Swallow

    Dann Swallow

    Chief Financial Officer

    (406) 541-1644 // dswallow @youthhomesmt.org

    As Chief Financial Officer, Dann oversees the financial operations of the organization. Dann has degrees in both Developmental Psychology and Accounting, making him a unique fit for our organization and his position. Dann and his wife, Lisa, have two 20-something sons and a golden retriever. When they’re not out enjoying the mountains and lakes of Montana, they can be found seeking diving or trekking on their next international adventure.

  • Melissa Arno

    Melissa Arno

    Director of Residential Services

    (406) 370-6374 // marno@youthhomesmt.org

    Joining Youth Homes in 1993, Melissa Arno, LCSW remains passionate about working with youth and preparing them for adulthood. She has been the Program Director at the Tom Roy Youth Guidance Home since 2000 and prior to that she worked in Youth Homes’ shelter care as well as long term therapeutic group care. Melissa was an integral part of establishing the Youth Farm in 2009 as an opportunity for youth to gain valuable work skills and an understanding of sustainable agriculture.

  • Erin Williams, LCPC

    Erin Williams, LCPC

    Director of Family Services

    (406) 541-1667 // ewilliams@youthhomesmt.org

    Erin received a Master’s Degree in Counseling through the Counselor Education Program at the University of Montana in 2003. Erin has worked for the Youth Homes since 1995 and is the Clinical and Program Director. In addition, she has a significant interest and experience in providing therapy for youth and their care givers. She sees preschool aged children through adolescents and their families. With a primary focus on strengthening relationships, connection and bonding; Erin’s uses Attachment Theory to inform her work. She has been trained in the evidenced based practice model of The Circle of Security, both as a facilitator and as a therapist. Erin works with clients who have Mood Disorders, Anxiety, Depression, trauma, parenting challenges, Oppositional Defiant Disorder and ADHD. Erin uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help clients makes desired changes. She is certified in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  Erin uses mindfulness and relaxation skills to help clients regulate their emotions. She also uses Motivational Interviewing skills to help all clients become active early in their therapeutic process. Erin is trained in therapy with children, adolescents, birth parents, foster and adoptive families. Erin is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Montana. In 2019 Erin was appointed by the Governor to serve on the Board of Behavioral Health in the State of Montana.

  • Amy Young

    Amy Young

    Development Director

    (406) 541-1652 // ayoung@youthhomesmt.org

    Amy started working for InnerRoads Wilderness Program as field staff in 2008. After seeing how essential the program is for struggling teenagers, she wanted to help grow the program to be more sustainable and accessible, first as program manager and later as program director. Amy is inspired by the youth that Youth Homes serves and is excited to share their stories with others in the community. When Amy is not in the office, she likes to stay active by exploring Montana’s wilderness.


  • Rachelle Rogers

    Rachelle Rogers

    Human Resources Manager

    (406) 541-1656 // rrogers@youthhomesmt.org

    Rachelle joined the Youth Homes team in January of 2012.  Originally from Spokane, she has lived in Missoula since 2004.  Rachelle has certified training in Computer Operations and Information Management from Interface College.  She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, dancing, hiking, sporting events, camping and volunteer work.

  • Chris Carey

    Chris Carey

    Marketing Manager

    (406) 541-1649 // ccarey@youthhomesmt.org

    Chris has had the position of Marketing Manager since 2006. He enjoys putting his creative skills to work in all facets of nonprofit technology, marketing, fundraising and event planning. Prior to joining Youth Homes’ Development Team, Chris filled marketing roles with other agencies in Montana and with the California Film Commission in Los Angeles, CA. When not working, Chris enjoys being outdoors running, mountain biking, skiing and hiking with his wife, two sons and their dogs.

  • Ryan Aikin

    Ryan Aikin

    Grants Manager

    (406) 541-1650 // raikin@youthhomesmt.org

    A former assistant attorney general in the Appellate Services Bureau of the Montana Department of Justice, Ryan started as our Grants Manager in August of 2018. Ryan attended Purdue University in Indiana. In 2005, he earned a B.A. in philosophy with minors in political science, management, and German. He is a 2011 graduate of the George Washington University Law School in Washington, D.C., and is a member of the Pennsylvania bar. Ryan was also formerly a lieutenant in the Navy serving as an appellate defense counsel with the Judge Advocate General’s Corps.

  • Gina Lee Gossett

    Gina Lee Gossett

    Development Coordinator – Linda Massa Youth Home

    (406) 375-5498 // ggossett@youthhomesmt.org

    Gina moved from Seattle to Hamilton with her husband in 2014. In 2007, she graduated from the University of Washington with a BA in Art History and minor in French Literature. Working in marketing for over 10 years, Gina specialized in email and event marketing. She is excited to take on the Development Coordinator role and be a part of Youth Homes. In her free time, Gina loves baking, hanging out with friends, being outdoors, and traveling the world with her family.

  • Hannah Plumb

    Hannah Plumb

    Development Coordinator – Flathead Youth Home

    (406) 890-2430 // hplumb@youthhomesmt.org

    Hannah has been working as the Development Coordinator at the Flathead Youth Home since 2006. In that position, she keeps busy organizing fund-raisers like the multi-sport relay, the Glacier Challenge, the Bibler Garden party, and other events throughout the year. She works with the FYH Advisory Board and enjoys talking with the community about the work of FYH with area kids in crisis. When she is not keeping pace with the many challenges of her work at FYH, Hannah may be found kayaking one of the many beautiful water ways in and around the Flathead Valley.

  • Colleen Rivers

    Colleen Rivers

    Program Manager - Jan Shaw Home for Girls

    (406) 449-7582 // crivers@youthhomesmt.org

    Every day, Colleen needs to learn, to create, to work with her hands, and to help.  Born and raised in Helena, she graduated from Carroll College in 2007 with a BA in Classical Studies.  Colleen worked as a Youth Counselor, then Development Coordinator, before becoming the Program Manager for the Jan Shaw Home for Girls.  In previous iterations of her professional life, Colleen has been (and continues to be) a nanny, a baker, and a student.  She has (mostly) retired from painting and walking on stilts, although she is willing to engage in these activities on an occasional basis.

  • Katie Hankins

    Katie Hankins

    Fiscal Assistant II

    (406) 541-1648 // khankins@youthhomesmt.org

    Katie joined Youth Homes in 2007 as a Fiscal Assistant II.  She received her Associates of Applied Science degree in Accounting in May 2005. She has been involved with and worked around abused and neglected children for 7 years including serving as a Mental Health Aide for an attachment-disordered and traumatized child. She enjoys floating the river, boating, kayaking, camping, snowboarding, scrap booking, and spending time with family, friends, and her dog.

  • Erin Sipe

    Erin Sipe

    Fiscal Assistant II

    (406) 541-1647 // esipe@youthhomesmt.org

    Erin was raised in Missoula, studied French and Linguistics at the University of Montana and is thrilled to be back at work for Youth Homes after taking five years off to be a stay at home parent. Outside of work Erin is likely to be found volunteering for local events, making art with (or without) kids or exploring the wilderness with her family and their high-energy dog.

  • Gabriel Goeres

    Gabriel Goeres

    Program Director – Tom Roy Youth Guidance Home

    (406) 728-8127 // ggoeres@youthhomesmt.org

    Gabriel started working for Youth Homes at the Tom Roy Youth Guidance home in 2008 after graduating from the University of Montana. Gabriel worked at the Tom Roy home for 6 years before moving to California to supervise a boy’s cottage at a residential care facility. After starting a family, he made the decision to return to Montana and joined the Talbot Home for Girls team to continue his passion of helping young people navigate the world. Gabriel has now returned to the Tom Roy Youth Guidance Home as the Program Director.

  • Alec McNeill

    Alec McNeill

    Program Manager - The Dennis Radtke Home for Boys

    (406) 251-8498 // amcneill@youthhomesmt.org

    Alec has worked with Youth Homes since 2007. He has held a variety of positions within the Dennis Radtke Home for Boys, and is currently serving as Program Manager. Alec thoroughly enjoys being witness to the growth evidenced by both youth and staff. His time is often occupied with motorcycles, mountain biking and skiing. He graduated from the University of Montana with a degree in Psychology and Human & Family Development.

  • Callie Woodman

    Callie Woodman

    Lead Clinical Staff - The Dennis Radtke Home for Boys

    (406) 541-1639 // cwoodman@youthhomesmt.org

    Callie Monroe Woodman joined Youth Homes in 2018 as Lead Clinical Staff at the Dennis Radtke Home for Boys in Missoula. She has a M.A. in Counselor Education from the University of Montana. Prior to being a therapist, Callie was a children’s guitar teacher, a certified Montessori preschool teacher, and a choir director at a rural school in Nicaragua. Callie loves working with children of all ages, and currently appreciates the extra challenge and reward of building relationships and supporting feisty teenage boys. Callie enjoys singing and playing bass in a local band, hiking, listening to records, camping in her ’82 Chevy van, drinking tea, cooking delicious and nutritious food, reading, and hanging out with her hubby and houseplants.

  • Andrew Arechaga

    Andrew Arechaga

    Program Manager - Susan Talbot Boys Home

    (406) 251-6836 // aarechaga@youthhomesmt.org

    Andrew started working for Youth Homes in 2003. Over the years, he has worked as a Youth Counselor at all three of our therapeutic group homes in Missoula, as well as our transitional living home. He joined the team at the Susan Talbot Boys Home in the spring of 2013 and became the Program Manager there in 2017. Andrew credits his choice in careers to long-time Youth Homes therapist, William “Stanz” Stansberry, for teaching him how to work, and keep working, with a challenging yet worthy population of teenagers. Andrew met his wife through Youth Homes and enjoys spending time with his family, travelling, being outdoors, live music, and laughing.

  • Samantha Russell

    Samantha Russell

    Lead Clinical Staff - Susan Talbot Boys Home

    (406) 251-6836 // srussell@youthhomesmt.org

    Bio Coming Soon!

  • Callie Jacobson

    Callie Jacobson

    Program Manager - Talbot Home for Girls

    (406) 590-5713 // cjacobson@youthhomesmt.org

    Callie joined Youth Homes in 2017 as the Program Manager for the Susan Talbot Home for Girls. Originally from Great Falls, MT, she moved to Missoula to attend college and graduated from the University of Montana with her BA in Psychology. She worked for Full Circle Counseling Solutions and Consumer Direct Care Network in a variety of roles including Direct Support Provider, Care Coordinator and Targeted Youth Case Manager before joining Youth Homes in 2017. In her free time, Callie enjoys attending live music shows, watching scary movies, cooking, and traveling.

  • Dan Corradini

    Dan Corradini

    Program Director – Shirley Miller Attention Home

    (406) 549-3836 // dcorradini@youthhomesmt.org

    Bio coming soon!

  • Lance Isaak

    Lance Isaak

    Program Director – Flathead Youth Home

    (406) 755-4622 // lisaak@youthhomesmt.org

    Lance is responsible for overseeing programs at the Flathead Youth Home. He has a B.S. from South Dakota State University. He has worked in various capacities for Youth Homes since 2000 and has been the Program Director since 2004.

  • Anna Green

    Anna Green

    Program Director – Linda Massa Youth Home

    (406) 363-0619 // agreen@youthhomesmt.org

    Anna Green is the Program Director of the Linda Massa Youth Home in Hamilton, Montana. She has worked for the Youth Homes in several different capacities since 2007, mainly in shelter care at the Shirley Miller Attention Home in Missoula. Anna has a degree from the University of Montana in Social Work and Spanish. She enjoys the energy and resilience of the kids and families she serves as well as spending time with her family, snowboarding, fly fishing, traveling and telling jokes.

  • Patrick Paradis

    Patrick Paradis

    Program Director - Margaret Stuart Youth Home

    (406) 449-3038 // pparadis@youthhomesmt.org

    Patrick was born and raised in Helena, MT. He graduated from the University of Mary with a degree in English and history for secondary education. He joined Youth Homes as the Transitional Living Service provider for the Lewis and Clark, Jefferson, and Broadwater counties. In conjunction to being a TLS provider, he also manages the Youth Crisis Diversion program in the Helena community. He has worked with youth in a variety of settings including the school system, residential programs, youth home settings, and mentoring services. He enjoys spending time in the backcountry of Montana, fishing, hiking, kayaking, and running. 

  • Faron McWilliams, LCSW

    Faron McWilliams, LCSW

    Clinical Supervisor & Outpatient Therapist – Dan Fox Family Care Program

    (406) 541-1665 // fmcwilliams@youthhomesmt.org
    Faron has worked for Youth Homes for over 20 years. He is a licensed clinical social worker and is the clinical supervisor for the Dan Fox Family Care Program. He also sees clients in outpatient therapy. Faron works with children of all ages and their families. He has been trained in the evidenced based practice models of Circle of Security and Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as well as Motivational Interviewing. Faron helps children who struggle with depression, anxiety, and overcoming trauma related issues.  He also has experience working with oppositional defiant children. In addition, Faron is trained in therapy with birth parents, and foster and adoptive families.
  • Kelsey Werner

    Kelsey Werner

    Office Manager and Fiscal Assistant – DAN FOX FAMILY CARE PROGRAM

    (406) 541-1660 // kwerner@youthhomesmt.org

    Kelsey graduated from Point Loma Nazarene University in 2014 with a Bachelors degree in Sociology. Before coming to the Dan Fox Family Care Program, she worked as an Instructional Assistant at the San Diego Center for Children Academy and as a Youth Counselor at the Talbot Home for Girls. When she isn’t at work, she enjoys reading, spending time with friends, playing volleyball, and adventuring outdoors.

  • Sara Fisher, B.A. Psychology

    Sara Fisher, B.A. Psychology

    Treatment Manager – Dan Fox Family Care Program

    (406) 541-1671 // sfisher@youthhomesmt.org

    Sara Fisher has worked for youth homes for 25 years after completing an undergraduate degree in Psychology and then studying for a Masters in School Psychology.  She worked in therapeutic group care for 17 years before moving to the Dan Fox Family Care Program where she specializes as a Treatment Manager and Family Support Services Specialist.  Sara is married, has a teenage son and a Dorgi dog named Shorty.  Sara enjoys skiing, cycling, traveling, gardening, baking and baseball.

  • Kara Adams

    Kara Adams

    Family Developer & Services Coordinator – Dan Fox Family Care Program

    (406) 541-1663 // kadams@youthhomesmt.org

    Bio coming soon!

  • Anna Davis, M.A.

    Anna Davis, M.A.

    FAMILY CARE THERAPIST - Dan Fox Family Care Program

    (406) 721-2754 // adavis@youthhomesmt.org

    Bio coming soon!

  • Mary Zimmerman, MSW, LCSW

    Mary Zimmerman, MSW, LCSW

    Family Care Therapist – DAN FOX FAMILY CARE PROGRAM

    (406) 541-1669 // mzimmerman@youthhomesmt.org

    Mary is a Missoula native and a proud mom of two great kids.  She received her BSW from the The University of Montana in 2008 and her MSW from Walla Walla University in 2012.  Mary has been fortunate in having the opportunity to work in the social work field in a variety of different arenas including grass roots organizing, adult case management, child protection and group facilitation.  She is passionate about being an advocate and helper in our community and while working at Dan Fox has enjoyed supporting children and their families in working towards their goals.  In her free time, Mary loves being with her family, traveling, gardening, attending concerts and floating the river.

  • Melissa Sundberg, MSW

    Melissa Sundberg, MSW

    Family Care Therapist – DAN FOX FAMILY CARE PROGRAM

    (406) 396-1104 // msundberg@youthhomesmt.org

    Melissa works as a family care therapist in Ravalli county.  She completed her undergraduate degree at Purdue University in 1993, majoring in Psychology, and has lived in the Bitterroot valley for 20 years, where she and her husband have raised their family in the beauty of western Montana.  She received her MSW from Walla Walla University in Missoula.  She has previously held positions within Youth Homes that include providing transitional living services to young people aging out of foster care and as a treatment manager for children in therapeutic foster care. She is passionate about supporting families, helping young people find their own worth, respecting the diversity of others, and providing a voice for those who aren’t able to advocate for themselves.

  • Bill Neaves, B.A.

    Bill Neaves, B.A.


    (406) 541-1664 // bneaves@youthhomesmt.org

    Bill is a native Montanan and longtime Missoula resident.  He has worked for Youth Homes, Inc. since 1993.  He loves Montana’s outdoors, spending time with his family, and playing and teaching music.

  • Andrea Graham, B.S.

    Andrea Graham, B.S.


    (406) 541-1661 // agraham@youthhomesmt.org

    Bio coming soon!

  • Lori Madden

    Lori Madden

    Transitional Living Services Manager – Dan Fox Family Care Program, Kalispell

    (406) 755-4622 // lmadden@youthhomesmt.org

    Lori was hired as a Therapeutic Youth Care Worker at the Flathead Youth Home in August 2003, and remained there until November 2011.  In this capacity, Lori provided guidance, structure and security to at risk youth struggling with issues such as chemical dependency, familial relations and academics.  She also provided case management for youth coming out of Correctional facilities and placed with foster families called Guide Homes.  In November 2011, Lori was hired full-time at the Dan Fox Family Care Program.  She wears several different hats, continuing to provide case management for the Guide Home Program, Family Support Services for struggling families in the community and Transitional Living Services for youth aging out of foster care.  Lori’s office is located in Kalispell, MT and when she’s not at work, you will find her spending time with family, friends and her dog in the great outdoors.

  • Linda Noble

    Linda Noble

    Treatment & Transitional Living Services Manager – Dan Fox Family Care Program, Polson

    (406) 883-4370 // lnoble@youthhomesmt.org

    Linda was born in Great Falls and graduated from Montana State University.  She worked as a State Child Protection Services worker in several counties and as a nursing home social worker for a number of years before starting her Youth Homes/Dan Fox Family Care career 14 years ago.  Linda and her family enjoy outdoor activities and traveling.  She is a supporter of community activities within the Polson area, including the Mission Valley Aquatics program.

  • Deverie Kelley  LCSW, LAC

    Deverie Kelley LCSW, LAC

    Clinical Supervisor/Outpatient Therapist - Dan Fox Family Care Program, Helena

    (406) 603-4151 // dkelley@youthhomesmt.org

    Deverie graduated from the University of Montana with bachelor’s degree in social work.  She worked as a counselor at a residential treatment facility for emotionally disturbed youth prior to returning to the University of Montana to pursue her master’s degree in social work. Deverie is licensed as a clinical social worker and addictions counselor in Montana. Her experience includes outpatient individual and family therapy in a primary care setting, working with adults in an inpatient psychiatric hospital, working with teens and adults with substance use disorders in both an inpatient and outpatient setting, and working in a corrections environment. She is trained in cognitive behavioral therapy and trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy. She employs a strength based, solution focused approach to working with clients

  • Haley Crain

    Haley Crain

    Supervised Visitation Specialist - Dan Fox Family Care Program, Helena

    (406) 603-4152 // hcrain@youthhomesmt.org

    Haley Crain was born in Monroe, Louisiana and moved to Wolf Point, MT in 2016 where she worked as a librarian. In 2018, she and her fiancé moved to Helena where she began working as a Youth Counselor at Margaret Stuart Youth Home. As of February 2019, Haley is a supervised visitation specialist at Dan Fox Family Care Program in Helena. She loved to read, hike with her dogs and will one day manage to finish one of the books she has been writing for the last six years.

  • Kelsey Bartruff

    Kelsey Bartruff

    Treatment Manager - Dan Fox Family Care, Helena

    (406) 443-4730 // kbartruff@youthhomesmt.org
    Kelsey has worked for Dan Fox Family Care Program since October 2017. She graduated from the University of Montana in 2015 with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a Minor in Human and Family Development. She has worked in the Mental Health/ Social services field since then in both Montana and Washington. She has worked with adults and children in crisis and is looking forward to working more with families! When she isn’t at work she enjoys traveling and spending time outside with her daughter, fiancé, and pup!