• At discharge 85% of parents report a significantly improved relationship with their teen. At admissions almost every parent reports a rapidly deteriorating relationship.
  • At admission 84% of our participants are evaluated as at risk for an out of home placement, one year later 75% have successfully kept their home placement.
  • At admission 72% of students have dropped out or are failing in school; today 57% are passing and in school or have graduated. Of those who dropped out, almost half have received their GED.
  • One year after discharge, 66% of our participants have improved their GPA, 28% have no change, and 5% have worse grades.
  • At admissions, 76% of our students have previous criminal histories (including misdemeanors). 52% are on formal probation. Since discharge, 75% of parents report an overall reduction in illegal acts.
This information is based on an outcome study of our program by a graduate student from the University of Montana. View the Outcome Report (PDF, 65KB).