Why InnerRoads

InnerRoads provides quality, affordable wilderness therapy to at-risk teens and their families. We give youth the opportunity for growth, healing and empowerment. To parents we offer a chance for self-reflection, active support and guidance. Our 5-6 week intervention program offers therapeutic wilderness programming with long term aftercare support for teens ages 13-17.

“InnerRoads changed the direction our family was going. Both (my daughter) and I have grown so much…I am confident it will never be like it was before. I thought I had lost her, I never thought this kind of change was possible.”
– Mother of Jenny, age 16

Small group size: There is a minimum of 1:2 staff to student ratio in the field, and usually the ratio is even better. Expedition groups are small, with no more than six youth in a group. This allows our staff team to ensure that your youth’s needs are being met with individualized care and concern.

Parental involvement: Parents have an essential role in the treatment process. Each parent can have a direct and powerful impact on their child’s growth.

Affordable treatment: As a non-profit, we are devoted to providing high-quality therapeutic services at an affordable cost.

High School Credit: Teens are eligible for earning two high school credits –link to academic curriculum page- during a six week placement. Our wilderness expedition curriculum consists of experientially-based field learning.

Aftercare: Aftercare services are available to support your family after your child returns home.

True Wilderness Experience: InnerRoads is based in Montana and expeditions take place in the wild and beautiful wilderness of Montana and Idaho. InnerRoads offers a true wilderness experience meaning our trips take place far from roads and towns in truly wild and magnificent places.