Wilderness Therapy

The Program

InnerRoads is 5-6 week intensive intermediate intervention. During the program youth engage in a variety of therapeutically aimed activities, including group and individual therapy, journal writing, group initiatives, as well as an academic curriculum. To learn about a typical day at InnerRoads click here. InnerRoads helps struggling teens:

  • change direction
  • find motivation
  • build self-worth and insight
  • develop interpersonal skills
  • better understand the connection between their actions and consequences

Benefits of Wilderness

This intensive intervention for adolescents ages 13-17 combines wilderness therapy with an integrated family component.  The benefits of a wilderness experience for your youth include:

  • a break for both youth and their caregivers
  • time and space to reflect and gain insight
  • building self-confidence and communication skills
  • practice forming healthy relationship
  • learning to take personal responsibility for their actions

Individualized Care

We offer individualized care to our families, realizing that each families’ needs and each youth’s needs are different from one another. We do this by having:

  • low 2:1 student to staff ratio
  • flexible length of stay determined on an individual basis
  • a strength-based approach that works to accommodate the needs of each youth


InnerRoads Wilderness Program has successfully reunited dozens of families, with over 85% of youth returning home and being successful there one year after graduation from our program.