Missoula Heart Gallery

Would you consider opening your home to one of these worthy children?

Every child deserves to know the love and security of a family.

Please call us today to learn more about the children featured in the Heart Gallery – (406) 541-1656


Kimberly is a social 15-year-old who loves art, music and hanging out with her friends. She also enjoys curling up to read a good book. Kimberly is passionate about what she likes and loves to share that with others. She is nurturing and enjoys caring for animals. Kimberly is friendly and polite, but is also comfortable expressing her opinions and telling others what she wants and needs. She is empathetic and hopes to someday go to college and become a social worker so she can help kids. Kimberly would do best in a home where she is the only child.


LouAnn is a fun-loving, 16-year-old girl. She is a real chatter box and enjoys music, art and reading. Like any 16-year-old, LouAnn can be dramatic but loves to laugh and be silly. She is currently a Junior in High School, but is academically behind. LouAnn would like to become a CNA after high school and eventually go to college and major in nursing. She is a very special young woman who needs a caring family to love and embrace her.


Joey is a fun-loving active 13 year-old boy who loves football, shooting hoops, running, biking, soccer and scooters. Joey can be loud and outgoing while singing along to the radio in the car, but also is very polite, respectful and caring. He loves science and learning. Joey would do best with a family that is loving and kind, but is also structured and consistent. He would also love to live in a home that would allow him to have a puppy!


Chris is 12-years-old and loves science, technology and reading. He enjoys being active but also loves his LEGOs, Pokeman and Minecraft. Chris has a deep faith in Christ which he would like to nourish and explore as he gets older. He also has a close relationship with his younger sister which he would like to continue, even though they will grow up in different foster homes. Chris would do best in a family where he was the only or youngest child with a parent or parents that are interested in exploring the many fascinating questions the world has to offer.


Braiden is an 8-year-old super hero who is fun loving, energetic and has an extensive imagination. He enjoys LEGOs, superheroes and Star Wars. He also enjoys playing board games and soccer. Braiden has a close relationship with his two younger siblings that would love to continue, even though they will be growing up in different homes. Braiden would do best in a home where he would be an only or youngest child, where he could get a lot of one-on-one time to foster his creative spirit.


Dakota is a delightful, happy and friendly 13-year-old girl. She is intelligent and creative and enjoys origami and Legos. Dakota is loving and caring to the important people in her life. She is very knowledgeable about the skeletal system and loves to share that knowledge with the people in her life. She has a great sense of humor and loves to tease and joke. Dakota enjoys being outside and going for bike rides as well as researching her favorite topics on the computer. Dakota would do great with a family that will stimulate her natural curiosity.

.Please call us today to learn more about the children featured in the Heart Gallery – (406) 541-1656

This project has been produced by Youth Homes, Partnership for Children, and the Montana Department of Health & Human Services – Child & Family Services Division.

All portraits courtesy of Brian Christianson Photography.

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