Youth Homes COVID-19 Announcement

Like all organizations operating in Montana, Youth Homes is facing many challenges resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic. While Montana was one of the last states to report a confirmed case, the virus is here and will likely continue for several months. It has already impacted all facets of the organization. Balancing the need to care for our staff while fulfilling our Mission and responsibility to the youth and families in our care will continue to guide our response as we adapt in this ever-changing environment.

Youth Homes has taken steps to mitigate the risks to staff and youth in our care. In addition to adopting preventative workplace practices, we have taken steps to limit exposure for kids in our residential programs and adopted therapeutic methods to allow us to support clients remotely. We do this with the full understanding that everyone’s life has been impacted, and those who needed us before probably need us now more than ever.

I will continue to post updates as we stand fast to our Mission. I am proud of how our team has responded and confident Youth Homes will continue to meet the challenges in front of us.


Skip Rosenthal, Executive Director